How To Improve Writing, Listening and Reading


Hi! I’m Michael, and I’m a teacher at Langports in Brisbane. Today, I’d like to continue with what my colleague Tymara talked about last week, which is… practice!

A lot of students ask me, “How can I improve my writing?” Well, the answer is… write! You can’t improve your writing if you don’t put pen to paper (or sit down at a computer). Why don’t you write your teacher something about your family / hobbies / high school / hometown / favourite beer? How about posting a comment on someone’s Facebook page or a YouTube video in English?

I also get asked, “How can I improve my listening?” Well, … listen! A conversation is 50% speaking and 50% listening, so why not listen to your friends’ conversations and think of a good question to ask them? Do you watch TV? It’s not only great for listening to people speaking at a natural speed, but watching the images also helps you to understand the main ideas better. How about learning the lyrics to your favourite English song?

How can you improve your reading? You guessed it … read! For people who absolutely love books (like me) the Langports Library has heaps of books for your reading level. However, some people say they don’t like books (ouch!). Don’t worry — why don’t you google your favourite celebrity or sports star and find a good article? Simple English Wikipedia is a great place for this. How about checking out a review of the latest movie / video game / beauty product?

It’s all English … and it’s all up to you.