Month: April 2014
5 reasons to study English at Langports Sydney
published by thierry on 30.04.2014
Hello everybody, this is Marion from the marketing team. Most of you have probably heard by now that Langports will open a new campus in Sydney this S
Best places to visit in Queensland
published by thierry on 23.04.2014
Hello everybody. I am Linda, the receptionist at Langports Brisbane. I wanted to share with you some of the amazing places in Queensland that you sho
Langports hosts the first IALC Workshop in Australia!
published by thierry on 16.04.2014
G’day mate! I’m Anna from the Marketing Department.  This week and last week, there have been many visitors in our campuses on the Gold Coast and
Student testimonial: “I study Cambridge at Langports Brisbane”
published by thierry on 09.04.2014
Hi everyone! My name is Riccarda and I arrived about three weeks ago at Langports Brisbane. I am here to study English for 12 weeks. Like many of you
Tips and strategies on how to improve your English reading comprehension
published by thierry on 02.04.2014
Hello. My name is Hester and I am one of the teachers at Langports Gold Coast. Many people love to read in English. However, some people, especially s