Student testimonial: “I study Cambridge at Langports Brisbane”


Riccarda pictureHi everyone! My name is Riccarda and I arrived about three weeks ago at Langports Brisbane. I am here to study English for 12 weeks.

Like many of you would be, I was a bit nervous on my first day at Langports. I didn’t know anybody there or what it will be like to study English at Langports. However, the teachers and other staff members working at Langports Brisbane made it so easy for me to feel comfortable. I received a friendly welcome from the very beginning.

I am currently studying the Cambridge CAE course at Langports. Last weekend we all went on the Cambridge retreat. We spent two days on the Gold Coast and camped overnight in the hinterland. We did many activities such as surfing, rock-climbing, kayaking. It was a very busy weekend.

Cambridge retreat

As you probably noticed, there are many students from Switzerland studying a Cambridge course at Langports. The first day, we definitely struggled to speak English all the time, but we got used to it pretty soon. It is so easy to speak and improve your English outside of the classroom. You can meet people from other countries and discover a lot about their cultures and customs.

To study English here at Langports in Brisbane is already something so special to me. In my entire life, school was never that much fun. In my Cambridge class, we study hard of course to pass our exam in June, but there‘s always time for jokes and laugh. Learning is simply fun in this class — most of the time. Friday is maybe the hardest day, you know that if you’ve ever been to Pubnight on Thursday;).

Queen Street Mall at Night

After school I love to walk down Queen Street and go shopping, have a milkshake (if you didn’t have a milkshake down here, you missed something!!) or just enjoy the afternoon at Southbank. There is so much to discover in this city, it is just great.