Month: February 2016
Watching movies, a great way to improve your English
published by Langports on 24.02.2016
Hi, My name is Sara and I am the Enrolments officer at Langports Gold Coast. As someone whose native language is not English was a hard task for me to
Studying IELTS at Langports
published by Langports on 17.02.2016
What is the IELTS Closed Course? This Closed Course is a full-timed course where you study with the same teacher and classmates over five weeks. The c
Testimonial from a Host Family
published by Langports on 10.02.2016
Students choosing to stay with a host family often create a strong bond and share great moments with their host, discovering a new way of life. But th
Grammar lesson – What are binomials?
published by Langports on 03.02.2016
G’day Guys, It’s Matt here, Director of Studies of Langports Brisbane. In previous blogs, we’ve looked at different aspects of English, such as