Month: March 2017
What You Need to Buy to Get Started in Australia
published by langports on 29.03.2017
Hello, From all of us at Langports Sydney! My name is Nicole and I am the Principal at Langports Sydney. Today I would like to talk about what you nee
Internship at Langports – A precious experience in my life
published by langports on 22.03.2017
Hello, I’m Hiromi from Japan and I used to work as an Intern at Langports helping the Marketing Team for almost 4 months. Throughout this blog, I w
Structural Overview of the Academic IELTS exam
published by langports on 15.03.2017
Hi, I am Hayden, the Director of studies at Langports Gold Cast. Today I am going to overview the structure of IELTS exam. One of the most commonly t
Langports Activities – Eat Street Markets
published by langports on 08.03.2017
Hi everyone! I am Marcela Parada, the Enrolments Officer at Langports Brisbane. Today, I would like to share with you my experience at Eat Streets Mar
Langports English + Demi-pair Program
published by langports on 01.03.2017
Hi Everyone!! Greetings from the Langports Marketing Team! In today’s blog, we would like to talk about our English + Demi-pair program and why