EXTRA-ordinary English ONLY


Everyone wants to be successful in life and the great majority of Langports’ students also think that being successful in English is a way to achieve that.

So, how is success attained?

Let’s think about the difference between the ordinary, common or usual and that, which is extraordinary.

With ‘extraordinary’ it is the little bit EXTRA which makes the difference.

Deep down, all of us want to make a difference. And it doesn’t take much except a decision to do that EXTRA which others may overlook.

You are brilliant. Your brain is designed so that YOU DO and the BRAIN Remembers.

Have you heard of the expression “Use it or Lose it?”

It’s true! So Use it and improve.

Be an active learner and create or use opportunities to learn and add that little EXTRA to your every day.

Your progress may appear slow but look at this quote:

“Life satisfaction is 22% more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.”-  Orlick, 1998. From the book entitled The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People.


Read English – Write English – Listen to English – Speak English

  • Reprogram your brain to think in English. It takes time and practice and a willingness to step out from what is ordinary and comfortable.
  • Do the little bit extra and become ‘extraordinary’.

And Langports is here to help you with this

Imagine all the different nationality groups never interacting with each other and the wealth of ideas and friendships that you will miss out on from just staying with the ordinary.

We have a story to share with you

It’s a love story and it’s a Langports one.

A Langports teacher, one day, encouraged a shy and quiet Japanese girl to sit next to a young Swiss man. They became friends after sitting together over the following few weeks and eventually started dating. They went to each other’s countries and met each other’s families and now they have been married for a few years and have had a little baby. Imagine if they hadn’t worked up the courage to talk to each other?

So, Langports is like a family here

Communication is so important and within that, unity and unification with a great goal in mind to become individuals who make a difference and doing that little bit extra to leave our extraordinary mark on the world.


We may come from different countries but let’s learn and speak English!




Live, Love, Learn

Be Yourself, Be Different

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