Month: October 2013
Langports success story: pass the IELTS exam!
published by thierry on 30.10.2013
Hello from the Langports Gold Coast campus. As you may know, IELTS is an international test of English language proficiency for students who wish to w
The Langports Games, more than just a sports competition!
published by thierry on 23.10.2013
G’day from the Marketing team! Last Wednesday, most of you got to experience the excitement of the Langports Games. First of all, we would like to t
Explore Brisbane like a local
published by thierry on 16.10.2013
Hello, my name is Luiza and I’m the Acting Assistant Director of Studies at Langports and I’d like to give you some ideas of different things you
Tips to settle in easily in Australia
published by thierry on 09.10.2013
Hello everybody, This is Lena, the Students Services Manager in Brisbane. We often have students coming to us with a lot of questions about administra
Why did I choose to learn English? (and I got so into it)
published by thierry on 02.10.2013
Hey pals! My name is Aoi from Tokyo. My friends call me “ah oui” because these french words sound similar to my name and easy to remember.