Month: May 2014
Langports success story: “I live in the outback with an Australian family”
published by thierry on 28.05.2014
Hello everybody. My name is Sarah and I am an ex-Langports students. I studied English at the Brisbane campus for 11 weeks last. At Langports, I impro
The Langports Games!
published by thierry on 21.05.2014
Hi, we’re Nichole and Aline and we’re a part of the Student Services team at Langports Gold Coast and last week we organised and went along to Lan
10 tips to improve your English
published by thierry on 14.05.2014
Hello everybody! I am Jake, the Group Study Tours Manager and I have been working at Langports for 9 years. Many students often ask me what they could
Teaching Cambridge at Langports
published by thierry on 07.05.2014
Hi, I’m Katie ad I have been working for Langports for over 8 years! I have recently returned to my position as the Assistant Director of Studies (A