Being a demi-pair in Australia
published by langports on 08.01.2020
My name is Louison. I’m 18 years old and I have been studying at Langports for 3 months as a demi-pair. This consists of going to school in the
Happy New Year!
published by langports on 31.12.2019
Happy New Year everyone! I’m Anna France, the CEO of Langports. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been working at Langports for 15 years.
How the Langports Staff celebrate Christmas
published by langports on 24.12.2019
How do Langports staff celebrate Christmas? For many of our international students it is the first hot Christmas. Some would have enjoyed a Christmas
Christmas – A Time of Giving
published by langports on 11.12.2019
Christmas is a time of giving At Langports, we do not only want to provide our students with high quality English courses and an excellent student exp
Highlights of 2019
published by langports on 04.12.2019
As 2019 is coming to an end, we would like to reflect on some of the Highlights of this year! 1. Welcoming Teen groups from Japan During the 2018 Chri
Christmas in Australia
published by langports on 04.12.2019
In Australia, we celebrate Christmas a little differently compared to our students from all over the world. The most obvious difference here is the we
A big chance in your life
published by langports on 20.11.2019
Hello! I am Yuka, a Japanese student. I studied IELTS and EAP for 6 months! I wanted to go to a school that gives me many opportunities, to meet many
Why study our EAP Pathway Program?
published by langports on 13.11.2019
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Have you thought about studying at a tertiary institution in Australia? Then our EAP course is for YOU ! Why? Beca
Tips for Improving Listening
published by langports on 06.11.2019
We live in a noisy world. Perhaps we hear too much, so we try to ignore a lot of the sounds around us. When learning a language, however, we need to l
Langports Cup – October 2019
published by langports on 31.10.2019
Hi there! We are two students from Brazil and Italy, our names are Gabriela Fontana and Linda Tramontano. We have been studying at Langports for almos
My new Family
published by langports on 23.10.2019
Hii i’m Linda. I’m 17 years old (soon turning finally 18) and I’m Italian but currently living in Brazil. I moved there about 4 years ago with m
Langports Platinum Program 2020
published by langports on 16.10.2019
We are excited to be getting closer to the start of our Platinum Program 2020. This is the third time we are running this one-of-a-kind program and t