There’s Nothing Like A Coffee And A Good Book
published by thierry on 18.07.2012
Hello and thank you for reading my blog! I’m Rachel and I work in the marketing department here at Langports. My official title is Regional Marketin
A Warm and Fuzzy Success Story
published by thierry on 11.07.2012
Hi there, it’s Jo again 🙂 This time I have joined up with one of our past super- students to blog about where his English journey has taken him.
A Lesson In Collocation
published by thierry on 04.07.2012
Hi everyone.  My name is Adam and I am the principal of the Gold Coast campus.  In my role as principal, I unfortunately don’t get to spend much t
You Will Find A Way
published by thierry on 26.06.2012
Hi! My name is Connie and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for South America at Langports and I DO NOT LIKE VEGEMITE 🙂 (Sorry Nadine!) I came ac
Vegemite, An Aussie Icon
published by thierry on 19.06.2012
Hello!  My name is Nadine and I’m the Student Services Manager at Langports’ Gold Coast campus; I’m also a happy little Vegemite. “What’s a
How To Improve Writing, Listening and Reading
published by thierry on 13.06.2012
Hi! I’m Michael, and I’m a teacher at Langports in Brisbane. Today, I’d like to continue with what my colleague Tymara talked about last week, w
Make the most of studying in Brisbane!
published by thierry on 05.06.2012
Hi! My name is Tymara and I’m a teacher here at Langports Brisbane.   When I first started, about 4 years ago, I taught level 2.  The best thing
Be Confident with Prepositions
published by thierry on 30.05.2012
I’m Jo and  I’m the Director of Studies at the Gold Coast campus. I’m really lucky because even though I don’t get to teach my own class ever
Langports News
published by thierry on 24.05.2012
Last weeks Langports Games Last Thursday, 17th May 2012, we had ‘The Langports Games’. Students and teachers from both Brisbane and Gold Coast cam
Check out our blog!
published by thierry on 15.05.2012
The Langports Games — Bigger than the Olympics I’m Dave Lowe.  I’m the Director of Studies at Langports in Brisbane.  I’ve been here for 6 y
Studying, working and travelling in Australia
published by thierry on 05.03.2012
Many of our students travel from all over the world to experience the Aussie culture. Whether they want to travel or work, the one thing that they all
Welcome to our new website!
published by thierry on 31.01.2012
We’re happy to share with you our new Langports website. What’s new? sections for Students, Agents, Staff & Homestay Families informat