Teaching At Langports
published by thierry on 17.10.2012
Hey! My name is Michael Gallagher, one of the two Michaels that work at Langports’ Brisbane Campus. I’ve been here since 2007 with a few breaks fo
A Visit To New Zealand
published by thierry on 10.10.2012
At the top of an organisation like Langports is a busy CEO.  John France works hard to keep Langports as one of the premier Language schools in Austr
Gold Coast Management Excellence Awards
published by thierry on 03.10.2012
Adam Wright (Langports’ Gold Coast Principal) was recently awarded as a finalist in the Gold Coast Management Excellence Awards held at the Marr
Cambridge Retreat
published by thierry on 26.09.2012
Welcome to our new Cambridge students! Rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, roasting marshmallows, camp fires and Kookaburras called Frank… It is all p
The Modern English Language
published by thierry on 21.09.2012
Hey tweeps, Have you seen the new words in the 2012 Oxford Dictionary? Totes ridic!  (Totally ridiculous!) As teachers we think we are pretty hip (hi
An Aussie Favourite – The Anzac Biscuit
published by thierry on 13.09.2012
Hi, I’m Tanya. I’ve been teaching English for six years. I started teaching in Korea and liked it so much I lived there for three years! I
Langports English Exams Centre (LEEC)
published by thierry on 05.09.2012
“EXAMS” — That word gives me shivers down my spine and brings back a lot of memories, some good and some bad. For me, exams and most importantly
It’s A Crazy Language
published by thierry on 29.08.2012
Hi, my name is Sade and I’m a new teacher at Langports Brisbane.  Langports is a great school to teach at, mainly because of our awesome students a
Bike Ride Around Gold Coast
published by thierry on 23.08.2012
‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride’ – John F Kennedy, U.S president. Bored on a Sunday afternoon? We are so lucky on t
The Langports Foundation
published by thierry on 08.08.2012
Hi, I’m John France the Founder and C.E.O. of Langports. This is my first ever blog, so please be kind! This year I will celebrate my 60th birthday
The Annual EA Queensland Football Tournament
published by thierry on 01.08.2012
The Olympics is the largest and most complicated sports event to organise — the EA Football Tournament is a little easier!! Hi everyone. My name is
English and Business at Langports
published by thierry on 25.07.2012
Hi there! I’m Ian, and I have been at Langports, Gold Coast campus, for four and a half years this month! I don’t want this blog to be too ‘heav