Langports English Exams Centre (LEEC)
published by thierry on 05.09.2012
“EXAMS” — That word gives me shivers down my spine and brings back a lot of memories, some good and some bad. For me, exams and most importantly
It’s A Crazy Language
published by thierry on 29.08.2012
Hi, my name is Sade and I’m a new teacher at Langports Brisbane.  Langports is a great school to teach at, mainly because of our awesome students a
Bike Ride Around Gold Coast
published by thierry on 23.08.2012
‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride’ – John F Kennedy, U.S president. Bored on a Sunday afternoon? We are so lucky on t
The Langports Foundation
published by thierry on 08.08.2012
Hi, I’m John France the Founder and C.E.O. of Langports. This is my first ever blog, so please be kind! This year I will celebrate my 60th birthday
The Annual EA Queensland Football Tournament
published by thierry on 01.08.2012
The Olympics is the largest and most complicated sports event to organise — the EA Football Tournament is a little easier!! Hi everyone. My name is
English and Business at Langports
published by thierry on 25.07.2012
Hi there! I’m Ian, and I have been at Langports, Gold Coast campus, for four and a half years this month! I don’t want this blog to be too ‘heav
There’s Nothing Like A Coffee And A Good Book
published by thierry on 18.07.2012
Hello and thank you for reading my blog! I’m Rachel and I work in the marketing department here at Langports. My official title is Regional Marketin
A Warm and Fuzzy Success Story
published by thierry on 11.07.2012
Hi there, it’s Jo again 🙂 This time I have joined up with one of our past super- students to blog about where his English journey has taken him.
A Lesson In Collocation
published by thierry on 04.07.2012
Hi everyone.  My name is Adam and I am the principal of the Gold Coast campus.  In my role as principal, I unfortunately don’t get to spend much t
You Will Find A Way
published by thierry on 26.06.2012
Hi! My name is Connie and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for South America at Langports and I DO NOT LIKE VEGEMITE 🙂 (Sorry Nadine!) I came ac
Vegemite, An Aussie Icon
published by thierry on 19.06.2012
Hello!  My name is Nadine and I’m the Student Services Manager at Langports’ Gold Coast campus; I’m also a happy little Vegemite. “What’s a
How To Improve Writing, Listening and Reading
published by thierry on 13.06.2012
Hi! I’m Michael, and I’m a teacher at Langports in Brisbane. Today, I’d like to continue with what my colleague Tymara talked about last week, w