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Last weeks Langports Games

Last Thursday, 17th May 2012, we had ‘The Langports Games’. Students and teachers from both Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses battled it out over an epic day of sports to win the golden prize, the Langports trophy. There was plenty of cheering, support and teamwork amongst all students and everyone had a great time. Students and teachers were proudly wearing their Langports T-Shirts in their team colours, blue for Brisbane and red for Gold Coast. The students and staff cheered on their teams by shaking coloured poms-poms and holding up hand made signs and banners.

The Games comprised a total of seven sports; Badminton, Touch Footy, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Girls and Guys Soccer.  The Brisbane campus won Badminton, Volleyball and Girls Soccer, but ultimately, the Gold Coast campus took home the trophy winning Touch Footy, Table Tennis, Basketball and the last game of the day, The Boys Soccer.

Congratulations Gold Coast on winning!

Thank you to all the Langports students and staff who participated in ‘The Games’ and to everyone involved who made it such as great day. Lastly, a big thank you to our amazing  Activities Officers, Nichole in the Gold Coast and Keilie in Brisbane, who worked hard organizing the event- well done!   On that note, let’s hear their thoughts on The Langports Games…

Nichole (Activities Officer – Gold Coast)

And the cup goes to…. Gold Coast… again.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to carry the Cup home once more; after 9 Langports Games the Cup has definitely become part of the wallpaper here at the Gold Coast campus.  The many hours of practice from both campuses paid off with the scores being even as we went into the final event- the Boys Soccer.

“I have heard students relate the Boys Soccer to the World Cup, and well this time it felt like that with the tension and the egos walking

across to the soccer field.  I’d like to give credit to the Brisbane bunch that didn’t stop cheering despite the GC Boys leading from early on in the match, but a HUGE thank you and congratulations belong to all of the Gold Coast students & staff who came along to make an amazing and memorable day.  GO GOLD COAST!”

Keilie (Activities Officer – Brisbane)

What a great effort by all students and staff involved in the Langports Games May 2012.  As the Activities Officer at Brisbane this was my first Langports Games event and I must say, I was proud to be involved with the Brisbane  team.  Great talents, skills, sportsmanship and cheer were shown by both schools on the day, and although the Gold Coast Campus took away the big bronzed trophy, Brisbane was able to win more trophies than we have ever won and we now have great momentum for the next Langports Games.

Thank you to all the students who played sports and/or cheered. To all the teachers who helped coach, organise, or answered my thousands of questions, thank you,  and of course to all our sponsors who where involved in the games.  I am looking forward to the next Langports Games and even bigger and better results from Brisbane.

Gold Coast please look after the big trophy for us, we are coming to get it!