Tim Tam Slammer


Are you a true blue Tim Tam-er?

Everyone who is already here in Australia would have to know what a Tim-Tam is, right?  For those of you who don’t know, a Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite biscuit (or cookie, if you prefer).

You can buy Tim Tam’s pretty much everywhere here in Australia — at the supermarket, the newsagency and at petrol stations.  They also come in many, many, many different flavours — Original, Double Coat, Chewy Caramel, Classic Dark, White Chocolate, Sweet Surrender Choc Hazelnut Mousse, Crème Caramel, Honeycomb, the list goes on…

Apparently 1 in every 2 households contains a packet of Tim Tam’s and around 35 million packs are sold each year!

So, whilst you may know what a Tim Tam is, have you heard of a Tim Tam Slammer?  A Tim Tam Slammer is popular way of drinking through a Tim Tam — yes, DRINKING!!

So, for those of you who are interested in giving this a go here’s what you do:

  • For best results use a hot (not warm) drink such as milk tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Bite off opposite corners of the Tim Tam and put one end in the drink, then suck the drink up through the biscuit.
  • The crisp inside biscuit then gets soft and the outer chocolate coating begins to melt – inside of the Tim Tam should collapse and the outside should remain intact long enough for the liquid to reach your mouth.
  • Once you feel the hot drink touch your tongue through the Tim Tam, stuff the entire Tim Tam in your mouth.  You have to be quick at this step otherwise the mushy Tim Tam might fall into your drink!

Putting your Tim Tams in the fridge before trying a Tim Tam Slammer helps to preserve the outside coating while letting the inside of the biscuit dissolve into a warm, creamy centre.

The thick chocolate coating on the Double Coat Tim Tam offers a more “stable” biscuit to prevent an early collapse — good for beginners, perhaps?

The caramel centre of the Chewy Caramel Tim Tam helps to maintain the structural integrity of the biscuit for a slightly longer time, contributing to enhanced enjoyment.

If you would like to see a video tutorial on how to do it, click here