Happy belated Australia Day


I hope you all had a great weekend despite all the WONDERFUL weather… just kidding, I don’t think I have ever experienced such a dramatic Australia Day in my entire life.

I thought I might tell you all how we would normally celebrate Australia Day when the weather is beautiful and sunny, like usual. First of all it’s about slapping on some bright zinc, Australian flag tattoos, Australian flag hats, t-shirts, swimmers, towels, it is also common to turn the Australian flag into a nice beach dress too!

Depending on where you are on the day, Australia Day is about getting outside in the hot sun, with your family and friends, going down to the beach or down to the river for a swim and a ski, we cook up a magnificent Aussie feast on the BBQ including; sausages, lamb chops and rissoles with all the salads, bread and trimmings on the side (don’t forget the tomato sauce either)!

Then once all our bellies are full and we have had a nice cold beverage or two it’s down to the park or beach for a game of cricket before another swim!

Australia Day is also known for its attempts to break records, for example the Australia Day Havaiana Thong Challenge is held at Bondi Beach in Sydney and Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast to see how many blow-up thongs they can get on and into the water all at once. Then this year there was also Australia’s biggest meat pie made by the bakery Pie Face weighing a whopping 70kg! Imagine how much tomato sauce you would need for that!

Although Australia Day 2013 wasn’t the sunny and hot day that we were all expecting, it will certainly be one for all to remember. How about you how did you all celebrate being in this wonderful country?