Great Student Feedback


Langports has been very fortunate to have met so many wonderful students over the last couple of years and it’s always great to hear how much they have enjoyed being at Langports. Recently, one of our Gold Coast students (Lesek from Colombia) wrote a fantastic testimonial about their Langports experience. Lesek shares with us the reason he chose Langports, what he plans to do with his English skills and much more. Have a read of Lesek’s testimonial…

1. What motivated and /or inspired you to study English?

It is indispensable to learn English because it gives you a broad opportunities in many ways, especially, contributing with your professional career path as well as providing the opportunity to talk with people all around the world. In that sense, English not only is the most commonly spoken language among foreign speakers, but also it is indispensable in term of business and hence immediately opens up opportunities regardless your religion, ethnicity, colour or background.

Personally, at the beginning I was motivated to learn English as a requirement of an MBA program in order to open my job prospects and increase my life standards. Now, I have realised that it is not just for academic purposes, once you learn English, you might not have many words to describe its power, and in the end, you will be happy to notice that you are an international citizen such as me.

2. Why did you choose to study English at Langports?

To be honest, when you are back in your country in front of a computer, all English schools look similar each other. I just choose Langports because I had an English arrangement with the University I was applying for and also it was located in an excellent place, Surfers Paradise. But, to be honest again, I was amazed from the first contact I had with Langports. I just might say that its most important resource is the employees because not only do you receive a daily smile, but also they are committed to assisting you whenever you need. Additionally, I wanted to have a great environment at school, meet people from different nationalities, travel around Gold Coast as well as complete my course with a highly qualified teachers and in the end, Langports provides me much more than that.

3. What was your most memorable experience at Langports?

Among the activities that were handled every week at Langports, the experience that I enjoy the most was The Langports Games. Definitely, combining sport activities with English is the best way to learn as well as to create a strong relationship with the school, classmates and friends. Unfortunately, this time Gold Coast campus lost the games.

4. What’s your opinion of the service you’ve received?

Simply undescribable. From the front desk to the teachers in every single room, the customer service was impecable.

5. What do you think about the way in which Langports teaches English?

Taking EAP course was perfectly suitable to my needs. The more time I spent at Langports, the more vocabulary, English grammar and great score I got. The score talks for itself. I went from 5.5 in the first mock test, to 7.0 in the latest.

6. How has your Langports experience prepared you for your plans after you graduate?

Langports provides me the opportunity to improve my English for academic purposes, it also gives me some skills I might use in the next a couple of months such as networking, social skills, English public speaking and many other ways to express myself. So, I think I am fully prepared to continue my academic path.

7. What are you plans for after you have finished your studies?

I am planning to do the IELTs test in the upcoming February, and hopefully achieve high scores. Then, I am moving north to Sunshine Coast in order to undertake an MBA program at the USC.