G’day Mate! – Learn the most common Australian slang words!


You made it to Australia! You’re living and studying here, got your Kangaroo selfie, and learnt about Australian birds the hard way…

But no Australian experience is truly complete without using some proper Australian slang!

After all, it is a core part of our culture and the way we Aussies communicate.

But let’s slow down…

What is Australian slang?

Australian slang words and pronunciation are characterised by making words as short as possible. You surely know ‘Selfie’, don’t you?

‘Selfie‘ is a term spread by an Australian university student. Australians like to shorten words. A lot.

So using slang will make your communication much more natural and help to develop friendships with Australians.

Commonly used slang

There are a lot of Australian slang words that you should learn if you are in Australia or planning to visit, but let’s stick to some of the most common ones:

Think about their meaning as you read them!

  1. Arvo
  2. Avo
  3. Barbie
  4. Bikkie
  5. Bottle-O
  6. Brekkie
  7. Chockers
  8. Chokkie
  9. Cuppa
  10. G’day mate!
  11. Maccas
  12. Mozzie
  13. No worries
  14. Servo
  15. Straya
  16. Ta


How many of these did you know or have heard before?

Let’s check the meaning!

  1. Arvo – Afternoon
  2. Avo – Avocado
  3. Barbie – Barbeque (BBQ)
  4. Bikkie – Biscuit
  5. Bottle-O – Liquor store
  6. Brekkie -Breakfast
  7. Chockers – Very full
  8. Chokkie – Chocolate
  9. Cuppa – A cup of tea
  10. G’day mate! – Hello, friend!
  11. Maccas – McDonald’s
  12. Mozzie – Mosquito
  13. No worries – Don’t worry about it!
  14. Servo – Gas station
  15. Straya – Australia
  16. Ta – Thank you


Slang develops over time, and new words are still being added.

Using slang with your friends is good. However, it is rarely used in writing and formal situation.

It is important to clearly understand when and how to use it. If you master Australian slang words, you’ll become an Aussie in no time!