Brisbane: it’s not just South Bank!
published by langports on 18.04.2018
Hi!  My name is Aly and I’ve been teaching at Langports Brisbane for the past six years.  Whenever I come to class on a Monday, I always ask my st
Learn more about Cambridge exams
published by langports on 11.04.2018
Hello all! My name is Kathy and I am the Centre Exams Manager (CEM) here at Langports English Exam Centre (LEEC). We have completed our Cambridge Fir
Why students keep coming back to Langports…
published by langports on 04.04.2018
Sometimes, students enjoy their time studying English at Langports so much they keep coming back! In this case, Jack has come back to Langports so man
The Challenges of Living Overseas
published by langports on 28.03.2018
Hi there! My name is Bruna and I am from Brazil. I am the Administrative Assistant at Langports, Gold Coast and I have been living in Australia for th
My experience at Langports Sydney
published by Langports on 21.03.2018
Hello! My name is Adrian, I’m from Spain and I want to share with you my Langports experience. I was studying an engineering degree and when I finis
Why You Should Challenge Yourself and Learn English Abroad
published by Langports on 21.03.2018
Hi, I’m Rocio Alcalde and I’m from Mexico, but I’m also a dreamer who wants to be a professional business person. I have a vision and I beli
Why Langports has an English Only Policy
published by langports on 14.03.2018
Learning a foreign language is difficult. Living in a country where you do not understand the language well is difficult. Trying to find a job in a co
Discover Langports students’ favorite weekend activity: a trip to Byron Bay!
published by langports on 07.03.2018
The Byron Bay weekend activity is one of our Langports students’ favorites! It is packed with beach activities, parties, walks … One of th
Meet The Langports Team! Gen and Nicole
published by Langports on 28.02.2018
In today’s blog, we would like to share the profiles of a teacher at our Sydney school, Gen, and our Sydney school Principal Nicole!     G
Our first ever Platinum Program was a HUGE success!
published by langports on 21.02.2018
Earlier this year, we ran the Platinum Program for the very first time. The program was designed for mature students who wanted to learn English while
“Teaching at Langports has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life”
published by langports on 14.02.2018
Hi, I’m Ian and I teach at Langports Gold Coast. On February the second I celebrated my ten year anniversary there. Looking back over those ten year
“The beach has always been a part of every happy moment in my life” Emily Badham
published by langports on 07.02.2018
Hi everyone! You may have noticed a fresh new face at Langports Sydney in the last 2 weeks, and that would be me. My name is Emily and I have taken ov