Tips to pass your IELTS exam
published by langports on 20.06.2018
Hello all! My name is Michele, and I have had the pleasure of teaching at Langports, Sydney since 2016. Prior to that, I had a 17-year stint teaching
Staying Happy and Healthy While at Langports and Beyond
published by langports on 13.06.2018
Over the past 13 years of working at Langports, and all the years before that growing up around International Students, I have observed students of al
The Langports Games, told by our students!
published by langports on 06.06.2018
Our Brisbane and Gold Coast students tell us about their fun experience as being part of a team during the Langports Games. They all have a fantastic
The Langports Games – an exhilarating event!
published by langports on 30.05.2018
Hello from the Marketing team! Almost a week has passed since the excitement of the Langports Games happened! A big thank you to everyone who particip
Why study English for Academic Purposes – EAP ?
published by langports on 22.05.2018
At Langports, you have the option to not only improve your general English skills in our impressive UFO program but you also have the chance to enhanc
Focusing on the Four Macro-Skills when learning a foreign language
published by langports on 16.05.2018
When we embark on the journey of learning a foreign language, we often do not anticipate the challenges that we will face. When the thought of learnin
Meet the Langports team! Megan and Rebecca
published by langports on 09.05.2018
In today’s blog, we would like to share the profiles of one of our teacher at our Gold Coast school, Megan, and our Gold Coast Assistant Director of
8 tips to choose your English school
published by langports on 02.05.2018
Choosing your English school is not always an easy process. A lot of different factors have to be taken into account and it’s easy to get lost i
My Life as a GC2018 Commonwealth Games Volunteer
published by langports on 24.04.2018
Hello, my name is Shane and I am the RACE (Recreational and Activity Community Engagement) Officer here at Langports on the Gold Coast. I was a volunt
Brisbane: it’s not just South Bank!
published by langports on 18.04.2018
Hi!  My name is Aly and I’ve been teaching at Langports Brisbane for the past six years.  Whenever I come to class on a Monday, I always ask my st
Learn more about Cambridge exams
published by langports on 11.04.2018
Hello all! My name is Kathy and I am the Centre Exams Manager (CEM) here at Langports English Exam Centre (LEEC). We have completed our Cambridge Fir
Why students keep coming back to Langports…
published by langports on 04.04.2018
Sometimes, students enjoy their time studying English at Langports so much they keep coming back! In this case, Jack has come back to Langports so man