With languages, you’re at home anywhere!


By our Langports Sydney student Svetlana from Russia 


Thank you for your work and your patience

“Dear teachers and everyone who has been involved in our learning process at Langports, I thank you for your work and your patience, because teaching English to adults is much harder than teaching children.

We feel much stronger uncertainty and fear that we will do something wrong than children, which makes you teachers heroes.

Thank you very much. Your school has a really high level and quality of education.

Again, it is much harder to keep adults interested in learning, but your program and the approach you take makes it possible.

Thank you as well for your graduation performances every Friday, it is a very good idea that other schools should take on as well.

Many students from other schools have to wait on Fridays for their results to be published.

You make this world a better place

Once again, I would like to thank all the teachers for their help in reaching more and more goals!

I would like to meet inquisitive minds like yours year after and year!

I wish for you to never to stop opening your hearts to future students! You make this world a better place!

As Edmund de Vaal said, “With languages, you’re at home anywhere.”

Well, you make this world become home to every student.

Thank you! 🙏🏻”

– Sveta

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