We are F A M I L Y !


We are F A M I L Y! I got all my sisters with me! We are F A M I LY ! Get up everybody and sing! “

At the moment this song sends some shivers down my spine. Why you may ask? Well, because WE are a Family!

Because I have the most wonderful family in the world and also because I feel part of a bigger Gold Coast Family, Australian Family, Ukrainian Family … World Family!

We are connected, our hearts are one and we choose to make a positive impact on our Family!

Langports Gold Coast Homestay

I’m Irina and I look after and cherish our Langports Gold Coast Homestay Families!  All in all, we have 172 homestay families and I love every single one of them!

At our new student orientations on Mondays, I tell our students that one of the best ways to improve your English skills and immerse yourself in the Australian lifestyle is to stay with a homestay family.

Imagine, arriving in a completely new country and city and already having friendly faces to come home to, welcoming you with open arms.

You have a family waiting for you; a family that has prepared a room for you, that has cooked a warm delicious dinner for you and is so excited to meet their new family member.

The family has already checked when your flight arrives and knows if you have a transfer booked or not. It knows what food you prefer and that you can’t wait to meet your fluffy family members because you also have a pet back at home.

While the family checks their watches and anxiously awaits your arrival, they might give me a quick call to check that your driver has picked you up and that you are on the way.

Then, the doorbell rings and you’re standing there a bit shily until you see the warm lovely smiles on your new family’s faces and all your worries melt away.

Your Langports journey

You walk in the door and there starts your amazing Langports journey! So many memories to be made, family dinners to be had and family experiences to be shared.

At this point, you realise you are home and ready to embark on the wonderful Live Love Learn adventure that you have planned for so long.

You arrive as a stranger and leave with a second family overseas who will always welcome your return.

Homestay families are brilliant at figuring out how much interaction their student wants so you can have as much freedom and as much family time as you desire, but you will always have someone to go to and rely on.

Langports Homestay families

Our families are experienced – some have been with us for over 10 years plus. Some a little shorter but they will all do their best to welcome you and look after you whilst you are here.

All our families are being extra supportive, flexible and accommodating to our students currently studying from home.

Our families have helped their students create their perfect study nooks and some families have also offered extra face to face English support to our students after their online classes to recap what they have done for the day.

Every dream starts with a thought

My advice to you dear future students is to come study with us and to experience life with a homestay family.

Tell us about yourself and your preferences at the time of enrolment so we can find the perfect homestay family for you.

Also try to be open-minded and be ready to immerse yourself in the laid back Aussie culture and “no worries’ mentality because at the end of the day everything is going be ok.

Every dream starts with a thought and if you are reading this, your dream has already started – go get it!


Warmest Wishes,

Irina Kolbasina

Gold Coast Accommodation Officer


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