20 of The Best #stayathome Activities !


Nowadays, the message for everyone is very clear: #stayathome ! Well done for doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and staying at home as much as possible.

Now we know there is a high chance that – whether you’re currently in Australia or overseas – you may start to feel a little bored. 

BUT, being bored is a sign that things are comfortable and easy – and that it’s time to mix it up and challenge yourself!

We want to make sure that you – our wonderful students – stay sane and keep your brain working while you’re stuck at home.

This is your opportunity to try out a few of the endless fun and productive things you can easily do while staying at home! (Some of these have the added benefit of improving your English skills at the same time) !

So here are our

20 #stayathome activities for your inspiration!

1. Have an international dinner!

Eating at home doesn’t have to be anti-social! Plan an international dinner with your friends instead! Connect through a video chat, cook a typical dish from your country and share ingredients, recipes and some random facts about your culture with your friends while eating! Try Zoom, Houseparty, or Google Hangouts!

2. Re-grow your kitchen scraps!

Chances are you have some left-over kitchen scraps from your international dinner – use them! Buying food can be expensive, especially herbs, so why not start your own little herb garden? Lettuce, basil and spring onions are just some of the many foods you can easily regrow at home!

3. Try a new recipe !

The international dinner with your friends hopefully gave you a lot of food inspiration that you now have the time to turn into real meals! It is always exciting to try new dishes from different cultures – let your creativity roam free and make sure to check with your international friends for any tips and tricks when cooking/baking!

4. Make an educational video!

This one is a great way to improve your English speaking skills! Have a dish that you can cook to perfection? Film yourself making it and share it with all your international friends!

Simply position your smartphone/tablet/laptop in a great spot and have some fun giving a step-by-step guide on how to cook your dish – in English! (for an extra challenge) and so your friends around the world can understand you!

5. Call your friends & family !

This is the perfect time to connect with your old friends or close and distant family members and relatives! And no, we don’t mean text messages – pick up the phone! No one was ever not happy about receiving a call from someone checking in on how they’re going and to share some news – so make sure to grab that mobile of yours, turn on your camera and have a laugh with friends from the good old times or new besties you met at Langports! Keep your connections and relationships strong!

6. Write a letter !

Receiving a hand-written letter in a time of digital communication is so special! What an easy way to brighten up someone’s day! Taking the time to handwrite your thoughts and feelings shows the extra level of care and thoughtfulness you have for the person receiving your letter. And unlike emails, it will definitely not be thrown in the bin straight away. Personal letters from a special friend or family member are kept for a long time and will bring back great memories when they are opened once more years later!

7. Walk down memory lane !

Talking about memories – Have you studied at Langports for some time already or completed your #studyabroad adventure some time ago? Bring out those photos from your first day! Your first Langports activity or test result! The endless amount of selfies you would have taken with your friends and classmates! Photos from weekend trips and adventures with the Langports family! Bonus point – share them on social media and tag all your old friends (don’t forget to tag @langports or #langportslife) – we also like to get sentimental every now and then!

8. Exercise !

The key to mental health and wellbeing! Exercise along with sleep and diet is the basis for your happiness and health! It’s easy to become lazy during this time but with the whole world currently being confined to their home, plenty of videos are emerging on a daily basis showing all the different ways you can stay active at home! From weight exercise and cardio to yoga, pilates and meditating…  the opportunities are endless.

And so are the free online video exercise programs! From apps to YouTube videos to online communities – the choice is yours! So put on that workout gear, turn on the music and start getting your sweat on! (Added bonus: exercise will improve your brain health and help you stay focussed during your online Langports classes 😉 )

9. Try some online classes !

Online classes not only exist for exercise, but also for basically any theme or hobby you can imagine! They make continuing education so easy and enjoyable! Have you always wanted to improve your skills in something specific – may it be cooking, graphic design or folding origami? Now is the time! Jump online, pick a subject that interests you – and you’ll be coming out of isolation as a master of your art!

10. Learn a language !

We may or may not be a little biased here – but English is the perfect language to improve your skills in! Since English is a global language, you’ll find an endless amount of online material to improve your English level in no time – even from your own home! Try Gygmlish for example – it offers you daily, 15-minutes lessons that help you improve all 4 micro-skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – and the best part: the lessons are personalised based on our English level and strengths and weaknesses. Try it free for one month here and get a 20% discount through Langports after that!

11. Read a book/magazine !

Here it’s all about finding your passion – Love travel? Read a magazine on the top world travel destinations! Love fantasy? Find yourself a great novel and get lost in its story for a couple of hours! (Extra tip: why not improve your English at the same time? Stick with a theme or genre that you like and try to find an English version that’s suited to your level!) Plus – reading will not only greatly enhance your reading skills, but also your writing and speaking!

12. Listen to an Audiobook !

If you rather sit back, close your eyes and relax – not a problem! There are a million of free audiobooks available – for every genre you can imagine! Pro tip: again – why not use this as an opportunity to improve your English listening skills?

Choose an audiobook of a novel that is appropriate for your English level and notice how over time you are finding it much easier to understand what is being said!

13. Listen to a podcast !

Podcasts are amazing! They make excellent audio entertainment and keep your mind busy while you’re cleaning, cooking or doing any mindless task that doesn’t require too much of your attention. From scientific podcasts to comedy or politics – new podcasts on any topic or theme you can imagine are being released every single day. Another great way of expanding your knowledge or expertise in an area of your choice!

14. Watch a new TV show !

Just in case anyone hasn’t thought of this one (ha ha). Since watching TV shows in your native language is way too easy and can quickly become boring – mix things up and challenge yourself! If you’ve been watching your favourite show in your own language – watching it in its original English language will certainly blow your mind! Start by watching a show in English with English subtitles and resist switching to subtitles in your native language – we guarantee you’ll enjoy it and learn more this way). Once you’re more confident, try to rely on your listening skills and get rid of subtitles completely!

15. Try a new game !

Playing a game with friends may seem difficult while everyone is advised to stay at home. When actually, it has actually never been easier to stay social with friends through online games. From purely fun games to educational games – the offer is endless. Here are some examples of the best apps to play games with friends during coronavirus lockdown.

16. Do some volunteering !

Why not use some of your free time to do something good for the world right now and give back through volunteering? Impossible during lock-down? Not true, actually! Many organisations, especially in the not-for-profit sector are currently looking for digital volunteers! Check for roles in Queensland or New South Wales. Volunteering is a great way for you to gain valuable life experience, new skills and knowledge, develop new interests but also expand your work portfolio – all while having a meaningful impact!

17. Start a journal !

Always wanted to have a go at starting a journal? Well, being too busy is not an excuse anymore! You can journal about basically anything – your daily life, special events, your feelings, your schedule, your hopes and dreams – simply grab a pen and let your intuition and creativity guide you. In times like these, it might be really helpful to make some notes on the topic of gratitude – what are you especially thankful for these days?

18. Join an online tour of a museum/theatre !

Are you a lover of science and the arts? Yes/maybe/not sure? You’re in luck! Museums around the world are setting up their exhibits online, offering virtual tours and live presentations. Have a look here!

19. Become an Australian animal expert !

Museums aren’t the only ones digitising their offerings during COVID-19 closures – zoos and sanctuaries all over Australia are currently live-streaming their wildlife and offering educational talks over social media! Our favourites: Australian Reptile Park, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Wild Life Sydney Zoo! Your daily dose of happiness is guaranteed and you’ll become an Australian animal expert in no time!

20. Plan your next study abroad adventure !

Just because you’re currently unable to travel to or within Australia and turn your long-planned dream of studying abroad into reality, doesn’t mean you have to put the whole idea on hold! Your dream is our dream – and the dream continues! When all this is over, Australia and Langports will be right here waiting for you! In the meantime, why not continue planning the best weekend trips, activities, and must-see places for your Australia bucket list!


You see there are so many productive and fun things to do at home during times of self-isolation. We hope we were able to give you some inspiration! Give some of these ideas a try and remember that with each new experience, you’ll learn more about yourself and understand what inspires you.


Lots of love from Langports – stay safe and remember to Live, Love and Learn!




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