A great trip to Cherbourg


Hi, I’m Susie France the Co-ordinator of the Langports Foundation  and Director of Langports. Some of you may already know that Langports has its own Foundation whose aim is to help disadvantaged children through educational programs. Throughout 2012, we ran several fundraising events at both our campuses to raise money for the “Deadly Cool to Stay at School” project.  The goal was to raise enough money to purchase 15 BMX bikes to donate to a primary school in the Aboriginal community of Cherbourg ( 4 hours north west of Brisbane).  The Cherbourg School Principal, Peter Sansby  recognised that to get better results from his children, attendance and student motivation needed to be raised.

At the beginning of the year, we offered to give 15 BMX bicycles as end of year prizes to the best student attendees.  So on 12th & 13th December, Jake, 12 students and I embarked on a cultural adventure to Cherbourg, to present these prizes at the last school assembly.  We were welcomed by the local Elders and a childrens’ dance group, given a tour of the Rationshed Museum, entertained by a Didgeridoo player and attended a workshop on how to paint in an Aboriginal style before attending the presentation of the bicycles at the school.  We were all amazed at the welcome and positive atmosphere created throughout the day.

Alex and Sueli, two Brazilian students who came on the trip wrote:

We have done quite a lot of traveling in our lives but Cherbourg will certainly have a special spot in our hearts.

The experience of visiting this place was indescribable. Not only was the landscape breathtaking but the cultural insight which we gained from visiting this Aboriginal communities was also valuable.

Seeing children doing traditional ancient dances in front of us was a moment which we will remember all our lives.

By far the best moment in this trip was the students’ celebration. Langports gave bicycles to students with the best attendance. I think it was a smart way to tell the students that hard work is worth all the effort.


Thank you to all the Langports students who studied in 2012 and helped us raise money to achieve such a wonderful gift to these beautiful children.