Langports Activity: a weekend in Byron Bay


Matt MannHello everybody! I am Matt, the Activities Officer of the Brisbane campus. Today, I would like to talk to you about one of my favourite places in Australia: Byron Bay! Byron Bay has long been a popular getaway for Australians looking to head to a supposedly sleepy seaside town that offers an abundance of attractions and activities. Those looking to escape the city lights and stresses will find a place where work (or study) can be forgotten for a few days and swapped for beautiful beaches, super-friendly locals, and an ambience that is seldom found in Australia, or indeed the world!


Just two hours south of Brisbane, or one from the Gold Coast, Byron Bay in New South Wales sits at the most easterly point of Australia. This locale lends itself to helping spotters see the large amount of whales that pass by every year between the months of June and November. Humpbacks are the most common seen and are easily viewed from the lighthouse situated on the point. Even more aquatic life can be found in the bay, with dolphins, turtles, and plenty of other fish found in the area. Julian Rocks are a short boat ride away and offers snorkelers and divers a great opportunity to see a wide range of sea life.

In the town itself, you’ll find plenty of interesting shops that offer a huge range of specialty organic and environmentally-friendly products that exemplify the hippy and earth-loving spirit Byron is famous for. One of the great things about Byron is its size. Nearly everything is within easy walking distance and you’re never far from the beach or, if required on a hot day, a cold beer!

IMG_7360 Picture1

If you’ve had enough of lazing on the beach all day, Byron Bay has a great night life. Cheeky Monkeys is an institution in the bay, where backpackers will often dance the night away on their famous tables/dancefloors. There are plenty of other cool spots to hang out and everyone has the chance to find the right spot for themselves.

Byron Bay is definitely one of my favourite trips and I’m lucky enough to get to take students there regularly. Recently, in September, we took fifty students there. There was lots of sunbathing on the beach, volleyball, relaxing by the pool, and partying at night! A lot of the students also went snorkeling, kayaking with dolphins, skydiving, and then did the hike up to the light house to catch the afternoon sun going down. It was a trip to remember!

Please see myself or Nichole on the Gold Coast if you’re interested in discovering this wonderful spot while you are studying in Queensland.