Brazil, Brazil


Hi everyone! I’m Connie and I’m the Regional Marketing Manager for South America. Some of you might know that I have recently come back from a work trip to Brazil. I spent two and a half lovely weeks there to visit our great agents who make it possible for us to get Brazilian students at Langports and bring a touch of their culture here.

I personally find Brazil fascinating. I am Colombian, and of course I will always call Colombia home but in Brazil I feel at home too. We both have similar cultures and similar problems but we have learnt to overcome those problems and to live happily despite them. We whinge about them, we are fed up of the political systems and the governments, we wish things were different, but we do love our countries and have our own very way to live happily dissatisfied (if that makes sense).

But what is it about Brazil? Where does the charm of this amazing country come from?

Well, those of you that have ever crossed paths with a Brazilian would agree that it is the people that make Brazil such a colourful place. There are other aspects of course, like the delicious food, the divine variety of fruits that you can find (Brazil has to be the world’s number one producer of fruits like oranges and papaya), the carnival, the beautiful bossa nova and music they produce, the astonishing landscapes, the endless entertainment options (and if I keep mentioning things I wouldn’t finish…) But above all, it is the contagious happiness, the warmth, the welcoming personality of the Brazilians that makes this country so extremely special.

When have you seen a Brazilian bored? I haven’t! You might see a bad moment, a bad day but the spirit, the joy, the happiness is always there. They are the most expressive people. They wouldn’t pretend they are happy all the time and this is what I like the most: they are not afraid of showing their emotions. They embrace what real life is about…The ups and downs, no need of pretending life is perfect. What is great is that they outweigh all the “downs” and end up having much more “ups” and that is all that matters.

If you haven’t been to Brazil yet or don’t have plans to visit it soon, please write it down in your “bucket list”. You sure will enjoy it. Make sure you have some friends there so they can show you the best from their country but don’t worry if you don’t have, I guarantee you that you will make good friends and you will find plenty of reasons to want to go back.

I have found plenty of reasons too, but the most important one is that in Brazil I feel at home.