My experience as a TOEIC student


1My name is Jessica Hernandez and I am from Colombia.

I studied at Langports Brisbane for 24 weeks. It was a great and long journey but it was very satisfying because Langports helped me a lot. When I first arrived to Australia my English was acceptable but it was not good enough and right now I feel more confident about my English.

Why I chose to study TOEIC at Langports

After studying a few weeks of UFO English, I chose to do the TOEIC course because I was in level 4 and I really wanted to do something more demanding. And TOEIC was right that, an intensive 5 week course teach by I think the best teachers Aly and Terry 🙂

Thank you teachers for your comments “Jessica is a motivated student who is always eager to contribute in class and improve her English. Well done, Jess”, this made my graduation day.

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“I left Langports very satisfied”

Apart from these 5 intensive weeks doing TOEIC, I also did five more doing the IELTS preparation, so at the end I left Langports very happy and satisfied for what I did and learned as well as for the friends I met and finally but no least for my two certificates of TOEIC and IELTS I got.

Before saying goodbye, I just wanted to say that Langports Brisbane is amazing and I can tell you all that this is a wonderful school and it is worth knowing and studying there.


Thank you and check out my video about my experience studying in the TOEIC course at Langports Brisbane.