The FIFA World Cup at Langports


DSC03772Hello everybody! My name is Aline and I’m the Receptionist at the Gold Coast campus.

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last month-and-a-bit, the FIFA World Cup has been happening in Brazil– my homeland! Almost 4 ½ years ago I left Brazil and moved to Australia to study English at Langports. I am still here and I have never been prouder to be Brazilian than now, when our amazing culture and people have been displayed to the whole world.  (Yes, we played terribly last week – don’t even talk to me about it!)

GC SoccerAt the Gold Coast campus there has been a great sense of community as each nationality joins together in celebration or defeat.  There were a number of hotels/pubs/clubs that were showing the matches around the Gold Coast – I went to one of the events and the atmosphere was great.   I’m sure watching these matches together will be one of our students most memorable times here in Australia.

Here are a few things that I learnt last month during the World Cup:

  1. South Americans can’t stand to lose
  2. The Brazilian team don’t function without Neymar
  3. Most Australians don’t even know the rules of soccer
  4. It takes a lot of discipline and practice to win
  5. Australian commentators cannot pronounce Brazilian cities; Curitiba = Kooricheebah
  6. There are some things that you will never get over (hosting the world cup, making it to the semi-final and losing 7×1)

Congratulations to Germany for their awesome win- they played great and deserved it!

Germany World Cup