I Love Calling Australia Home


My Name is Rachel Schultz and I am the Assistant Director of Studies at Langports, Gold Coast.

I have done quite a lot of overseas travelling in my life, starting at the age of five when I went to Bali on a family holiday. Since then I have travelled to various countries in  Asia and the Middle East, and I have spent about four years living in Japan.

As you can see I really enjoy travelling and I have been to many countries which are very different to Australia. When I was younger, I travelled from Japan to China and then mostly overland through South East Asia to Timor and back into Australia. That was quite an adventure!

In the last few months I have been to the USA and Fiji and I have just come back from a trip to Vietnam.

Even though I have had many exciting experiences and I have been to many exotic places, I find  it is always nice to come home to Australia.

For me, the fresh air and clean beaches are just so refreshing  to come back to. I love swimming in the seawater and to have the beach so close to my home is absolute heaven.

I also appreciate the clean streets and the fact that here, on the Gold Coast, the traffic really is not so bad compared to a lot of other places.

Australians are also generally pretty friendly and helpful and I find this a lot when I go overseas. We  like to have a good chat and a laugh whenever we get the chance.

And, of course, it is  always wonderful  to come home to my family and friends!