International Day


IMG_3897Hi Guys,

It’s Matt here, Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane.

At Langports, we are always trying to provide our students with the best possible environment to learn English, and to also learn about different countries and cultures where students come from (we currently have over 20 different nationalities studying in Brisbane!).

To help facilitate this learning, one of the most enjoyable activities we run is International Day.

So, what is International Day?   

Well, in the days leading up to International Day, your morning teacher discusses with the class what food is usually eaten in your country. The teacher will then work out a ‘menu’ with the class where students are strongly encouraged to prepare typical/famous dishes from their country (the teacher will also bring in food!). Remember, different countries/cultures eat different foods at different times of day. Therefore, it is not unusual to have a wonderful mixture of sweet and savoury and salty and spicy food.

IMG_3883 IMG_3899 IMG_3891

For example, a typical International Day breakfast could be:

Japan – sushi

Brazil – sweet dessert

Colombia – cheesy-bread

Thailand – curry

Switzerland – bread (and chocolate!)

France – cheese

Saudi Arabia – chicken and rice

Taiwan – dumplings

As well as food, students are encouraged to wear clothes representing their country (traditional outfits, or more modern clothes such as soccer shirts!), as well as bringing in music or any other items associated with their country.

IMG_3889 IMG_3905 IMG_3896

Students get the chance to show off their food and trying delicious food prepared by their classmates.

On the big day itself, everybody brings in their dish and goes to their classroom to have breakfast with their teacher and classmates. Students get the chance to show off their food and talk through how they made their dish, as well as trying delicious food prepared by their classmates.

After 20 minutes or so, all the classes are opened up and students are invited to walk around the school trying various dishes (there is always heaps of food!), and discussing what they are eating. It’s an opportunity to try an assortment of food you may not have ever seen before!

IMG_3886 IMG_3895 IMG_3892

At around 10am, the students and teacher clean up their classroom and then take part in several International Day-inspired speaking activities. It’s also a time to digest the vast amounts of food everybody has eaten!

Classes then go back to normal after the 11:15 break.

I look forward to seeing you at a future International Day.

And remember, don’t eat breakfast before coming to school on International Day!

Until the next time.