The ‘Langports life’ photo competition


Langports Marketing TeamHello from the Marketing Team!

 As you probably saw in our social media recently, we launched Langports’ first photo competition on Instagram. We love seeing your student experiences online and watching you share your Aussie life with others! Studying English in Australia can be much more than sitting in a classroom!!

Our photo competition named ‘Langports Life’ was held for 4 weeks across all 3 campuses (Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney) and it was a great success!

To participate in this competition we asked you, our students, to take pictures representing your ‘Langports Life’, post them on Instagram and ask your friends to like them. Each Friday, two winners were chosen amongst the students who received the most “likes” and we awarded $50 gift vouchers.

We wish to thank all the students who participated in our photo competition. More than 160 pictures were posted with the hashtag #Langportslife on Instagram. Langports staff and students were thrilled to see that our students have amazing experiences while studying English at Langports. From going to the beach, playing with kangaroos or koalas, skydiving, studying with their classmates or just hanging out with friends in a park, it looks like our students are making the most of their stay at Langports in Australia!

If you were not at Langports for the last couple of weeks, have a look below at our winners’ pictures:

 Week 1:

Week 1 winners

Week 2:

Week 2 winners

Week 3:

Week 3 winners

Week 4:

Week 4 winners

Even though we’re not holding a competition right now, please feel free to continue posting your photos to Instagram and don’t forget to hashtag #Langports and #LangportsLife !! We can’t wait to see more of your photos and please stay tuned as we will be launching more competitions in the future!