Langports released its new Iphone app


AnnaHello from the Marketing Team! We are very excited to announce that we have released the new version of our Langports iPhone app.  This is another step from Langports to take good care of our students, and to provide them with useful information at their fingertips. We hope you enjoy using the app and if you have any suggestions, please let us know!


What can you do with Langports iPhone app? 

–          View your timetable and your attendance level

You can log-in and view your timetable. This setting is important for you if you are studying Langports’ UFO-English course as you week is made up of 6 different classes.

–          Get information and book our activities

You have access to all the activities featured at your campus. You can see details, find out about costs and dates, as well as contacting the Activities Officers to make a booking.

–          Follow our blog

To stay connected with Langports, you can read our weekly blog articles. Remember that reading in English is also a great way to improve your reading skills and further your vocabulary.

–          Explore Brisbane and Gold Coast cities with the map feature

You can discover Brisbane or the Gold Coast by searching for points of interest on our map. We feature useful locations around our campuses so you can quickly become familiar with your new surroundings!

What’s new in this version?

–          A new design and an easier navigation system

We reviewed our previous layout and navigation system to make it easier for you. Now, a simple tab allows you to have access to all features.

–          Exams dates and enquiries

Students who are interested in taking a TOEIC, BEC, FCE, CAE or CPE exam with Langports English Exams Centre (LEEC) will be able to view the next exam date and send enquiries to our Exam Centre Manager.

–          Langports polaroids

You can now take and share amazing photos with you friends by using our Langports frames. Don’t forget to share some photos on our social media channels.

–          Timetable weekly overview 

You will be able to view your weekly timetable.

In the future, we hope to develop an android version. In the meantime, if you don’t have an iPhone you can access your timetable by entering your student ID on the student page of our website and also check the activities calendar etc.

Langports app- timetable and attendance Langports app- exam and other