Langports success story: “I had the time of my life in Australia”


Pascal 1Hello everybody! My name is Pascal and I am a previous Langports student. I live in Liechtenstein which is right in Europe. I went to Langports after my A-levels. First I was not sure if I really should go abroad. I mean, Australia is on the other side of the planet! But I still decided to go and study English at Langports in Brisbane. All my doubt disappeared as soon as I got a really warm welcome from my Langports homestay family. They were just amazing and also Langports itself was just great! You feel like you are part of a big family. At Langports, the staff members were so kind and welcoming. I really had the time of my life. I was so fascinated that I told my friends who were planning to go to Australia to change their school to Langports. Every single one came back and thanked me for my advise.

IMGP3785Langports Brisbane campus jacarandaWheel of Brisbane

Pascal 2At Langports, I made lots of friends and I still have contact with them. I meet with my Swiss friends from Langports every 6 month  for dinner and partying. We even made a city trip to Germany for a long weekend. I also met other Langports students from Brazil, France, Italy again here in Europe. It was just fantastic to meet people from all over the world.After 3 months of studying English at Langports, I started to travel  all around Australia and New Zealand. While I was traveling for 3 months, I made 2 stops back at my homestay family in Brisbane. I always was very welcome to stay 2-3 nights. I am still in contact  with them and I really hope I will be able to visit them again soon!

This whole experience abroad really changed  my view of the world. Even my friends and family members asked what happened to me (in a positive way). Therefore, I can only recommend the experience that I lived: learning English at Langports, traveling in Australia and just enjoy your life!

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