My Langports Gold Coast Experience with the Business Plus+ Course


Reiji Photo-blog sizeHello, guys!!!

My name is Reiji Suzuki, Business Plus+ student at Langports Gold Coast. I’m so sad that our term will end soon and I will graduate from my Business Plus+ course this week.

I’ve enjoyed my class with charismatic class mates and a hilarious teacher who also has certain excellent English teaching skills. That’s why we’ve improved our English so much over the last 10 weeks.

Recently, I feel the fact I studied in this course could be a kind of destiny, since I didn’t know about this course before I came here. This course consists of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking for the Cambridge BEC exam, which is based on Business topics. Especially, Writing and Speaking were really vital for me.

As for Speaking, most students don’t have a chance to speak in front of audience. However, in this course we learn how to give effective presentations. We start by giving a 2 minute speech, and then at the end of the course we do a presentation with PowerPoint for up to 30 minutes.

For writing we learn how to write emails, memos, formal letters, reports and proposals.

I came here possessing a particular reason why I need to acquire English skills. When I return to Japan, I will take over my father’s business. He runs French restaurant in Yokohama. As well as gaining business experience in Australia, I will also go to France to study French and French Culture.

I used to be a regional banker in Japan for six years before I come here. Therefore I’m really satisfied with this course. I’m familiar with Business Topics and Finance. 14082013 blog pic21

Don’t think about it, just do it!  If you hesitate due to shortage of experiences, it’s unnecessary anxiety. Half of my classmates didn’t have any business experience, but they found the course to be very informative. We learnt about business, life experiences as well as improving our English ability. Even without previous experience, they also completed their speeches admirably. All of our life is related to Business and each of us has our own strong field.

I really recommend you take this course, not only those who are experienced in Business but also unexperienced students wanting to learn more about using English in a work environment.

As for me, my course is almost finished and I didn’t have much time to share with other class’s student while in Business Course. So let’s enjoy ourselves and study together again.


Cheers and see ya later