Langports success story: “I chose to study English in Brisbane and I love it!”


Coralie in ParisHi everybody !

I am Coralie I come from France. I am studying in a Business school in Paris. Like most of people I need to improve my level of English. I need English for my future job. So I have decided to plan to go to Australia. I wanted to discover new customs, new way of living and travel.

At the beginning, I was planning go to Sydney, but I realized that it was a huge city. Many people advised me to go to Brisbane; it’s a really nice place to live, to study and to have fun also. What I mean is Brisbane is smaller compare to Paris but there many things to do such as get relax in Southbank (the artificial beaches), have a walk at the Botanic Garden, have a drink in Fortitude valley (China Town) and so on…  Moreover, Brisbane has a strong sport culture many people do running.  In my point of view, Brisbane is a dynamic and modern city to enjoy your spare time!

Queen Street Mall at Night  IMG_8493

I decided to go to Brisbane and to look for the best school. After a lot of research in internet, in forums, and with several French agencies I decided to go to Langports in Brisbane.

For me, it was a very nice school because they offer different options such as business English, vocabulary classes, grammar… Moreover, every Monday you have a test in order to evaluate your level and you have an interview with your teacher to see how you improve. Each day you have different types of classes to improve your reading, your writing, your speaking…The school have different type of accommodation. What pleased me also were the different activities organized by the school not only for the week but also on the week-end. For example, I went to the Australian Zoo, it was awesome to see for my first time kangaroos, koalas and snakes… I met some Australian people during the visit a good way to improve my English as well.

Coralie with Kangarou


 So I decided to plan my trip for 5 months in Brisbane. I arrived the 28th of January in Langports and I was pleased because everything was as I expected them. The first week, everybody went to speak to me, and I really feel comfortable. The teachers make me feel comfortable in class. In Brisbane, you can meet many of Australian people. The mentality is different compare to France who most of people are stressed. Here, local people are friendly and welcoming. They tried to help you as much as possible.

Moreover, in my student house, my roommates are really smart. I lived with 3 persons of Chili, 1 person of Germany and the other one from Brazil. There are a lot of different nationalities we spend time together such as watch a movie, have a drink, visit the city and forecast to do activities all together the weekend. What was unexpected was to discover different culture of other countries with my roommates; sometimes we cooked special dishes from our own country to share it all together.  I like the way of living in our student house; it’s like a second family for me 🙂

So if I have to give you an advice just go to Brisbane and ENJOY !