Success Story – My perspective of the world changed


IMG_5847My name is Roci­o and I am from Spain. I had been working as a teacher in my country for six years and I decided to take a gap year from my job to come to Australia because I needed to improve my English since I have to teach this language to my students. I decided to study the Cambridge course, as in Spain, it is a very recognized certificate and very useful if you want to find a job as a teacher.

When I was thinking about the place to go abroad, Scotland, San Francisco, Vancouver and Australia were my choices. Having spent five months in England five years ago helped me with the decision as I prefered a destination with better weather. Finally, I opted for Australia because apart from the weather, the visa allowed me to work twenty hours per week. The reason why I chose Gold Coast was because the most important thing for me was to study in a good school and my agency advised me to study at Langports. When they told me that I could do it in a city with a beach I didn´t have any doubt as living in a coastal city had always been one of my dreams.


As soon as you arrive at Langports you realise that you are not going to feel alone. All the staff is attentive, affectionate and they always try to help you if you have any problem. The atmosphere is amazingly friendly and you get to know a lot of nice people from different countries. I have been at Langports for eight months and I have never met a mean boy or girl at the school. Everybody wishes to make new friends and enjoy the time here.

The most that I like and appreciate for Langports, apart from the awesome friends I am making, is the quality of the courses that they are teaching and the involvement of the teachers and every person who works at this school. The Cambridge course is really interesting and challenging as I am learning new things almost every day. Moreover, I am having a lot of fun because I have great classmates and the teacher helps us enjoy the classes. Even if I don´t pass the exam in June I´ll never regret having done this course as I can see how my level of English has improved not only in grammar but also in writing, reading and listening.


I recommend everybody live this experience not only in order to improve their levels of English but to live and share moments with people who have different cultures and opinions. I believe that this kind of experience makes you grow both professionally and as a person and can change your perspective of the world.