Traveling around Australia


JulieEmailHello guys! My name is Julie and I am the Regional Marketing Manager for Europe. A few years ago, I arrived in Australia as a university student and (probably like you) I wanted to travel around Australia. I’ve had the opportunity to visit a lot of places in this beautiful country, including 4 states, 1 territory and more than 150 towns . Today, I want to share my experiences with you about travelling in Australia.

Must see:

Australia is one of those extraordinary countries that offers heaps of possibilities to have an amazing experience. The places you select will truly depend on your personality: are you a city lover, a fan of the ocean or an outdoor person?

To help you choose your destinations, I have listed few places you must see before leaving Australia.


– Stay a couple of days on Moreton Island or Fraser Island (if you haven’t already been with Langports)

– Cruise the Whitsundays and discover White Haven beach!

– Go rafting on the Tully River as it is one of the best rafting rivers in Australia and New Zealand.

– Walk in the Daintree rainforest among trees that are hundreds of year old.

– Stop for a quick surf session at Noosa beach on the Sunshine coast.

– Budget ++: visit one of the Great Barrier Reef island and snorkel with dolphins, manta ray, turtles and thousands of fish: Lady Elliot IslandGreen IslandHeron Island or Hamilton Island.

Visit queensland

New South Wales:

– Surf, kayak or simply enjoy the unique atmosphere of Byron Bay.

– Sydney is, of course, a must. Plan at least two days to discover this vibrant city.

– Visit the Blues Mountains National Park, located less than 100 kilometres from Sydney.

– Explore the Outback and take a detour to the city of Dubbo.


– Experience the magic of seeing a penguin colony on Philipp Island.

– Visit Melbourne. Take the time to enjoy its cafes, gardens, shops. Do a loop of the city on the tram.

– Rent a vehicle and drive along the Great Ocean Road. This is a spectacular scenic ride known for its beauty around the world. If you have a bit of extra money, jump on a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles, the view is absolutely breath taking.

– Take a detour to the Yarra Valley and visit the some of Australia’s most famous vineyards.

Northern Territory:

– Jump on board of a small boat to cruise along the river near Darwin to see crocodiles in the wild (a sensational experience guaranteed!)

– Stop for a few days in Uluru and contemplate this impressive and iconic red rock.

– Explore Kakadu National Park and learn about Aboriginal history and culture.

– If you have enough time, stop at Katherine and see the spectacular waterfalls and twisted cliffs of Katherine River.

Visit NT

Wrong ideas about Australia:

– “You can travel around Australia very quickly!” False.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world so you cannot expect to travel all around it in 3 weeks. If you have few months of holiday, then you will have plenty of options when visiting Australia. If you are in a hurry, travelling by air is your best option. You can still cover a large part of Australia and discover most of the popular places and enjoy yourself!

– “It’s always hot and sunny in Australia”. False

Depending of your location in Australia, the season will vary a lot. For example, in the north of Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory, the rainy season is between October and March. Most of the roads are not accessible during this wet season. Choose your itinerary carefully before making any bookings.

– “Only the big sights are interesting”. False

Australia is very famous for its beautiful cities and glorious wildlife. However, as I mentioned above, there is so much more to explore in Australia! Don’t hesitate to make detours and take the time to explore places you didn’t know about.

The importance of English while traveling

During your journey around Australia, you will notice that having a good level of English is essential. Even if you travel with friends from the same nationality as you, you will always need to ask questions and talk to local Australian people. So don’t forget to pack a little dictionary and practise your English!