Visit Mount Warning



Hello, my name is Damiano, and I have been a teacher at Langports since July 2007. When I’m not teaching English, I enjoy going hiking or camping if the weather is good enough. This is because I sometimes feel like I want to escape the stress and pollution of living in the city.

If you are studying in Brisbane, and feel the same way then there are places that are pretty close to Brisbane that you can visit. One such place is Mount Warning, which is located very close to the border between southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Mount Warning is the central volcanic core of an ancient volcano [the Tweed Volcano], which originally stood about 1900 mts above sea level The volcano stopped being active thousands of years ago, and over the years the weather has slowly eroded the mountain, so that now it is only half of its original height. However, there are still breathtaking views from the top, from which Byron Bay and the Gold Coast can be seen. There is a thick rainforest that covers 85% of the mountain, and this helps to keep you relatively cool and hidden from the sun during the walk to the top. You will need to plan your journey carefully before your go though.


Firstly, you will need a car to get to the base of the mountain where the hiking track begins. The drive from Brisbane takes about one and a half hours, and the walk to the summit of the mountain is about the same [1hr 30mins] but this depends on how quickly you walk. When I went, I began my walk at 9.30am and got to the top by 11am. Getting back down was quicker, however. It is also important that your take enough water with you, as well as something to eat. I usually take bananas, some nuts, and a sandwich.

The following website has some very useful information about Mount Warning, and I recommend that you check it if you are serious about spending some time there. It also has details on camping sites and accommodation at the bottom of the mountain, which is something I would like to try in the future. If you do go, I’m sure you will enjoy the experience and will want to return.

 After publishing this post we have been informed that Mt Warning is currently closed as it was affected by cyclone Oswald. You might want to check the following link for more information