My Experience as a Demi-pair Student


Thomas1I am Thomas from France and I did the English + Demi-pair program. My objective was to speak English for “every day” life, so I followed the general course, level 4 at the beginning, with USE classes and FOCUS classes… Then my teacher advise me to follow the FCE FLEXI course. So, I did it, and it was really interesting, different because we create more a “group”, and we can learn together.

I chose to be a demi-pair student because in this way, we learnt not only at school but at home as well. The family speaks only English so you have to learn quickly! The children are so natural, you always discover with them.

As a demi-pair student, on the morning, I had to bring the children to school care and take my train to the city for school. Then I had to be back at 3 pm, to pick them up at school and going to home for snack (they are hungry when they get home), then we can have activities, when they are not tooThomas2 out of motivation: beach, pool park, games, movie, walk… On the afternoon, I usually prepared the lunch of the day after (for the kids at school) and sometimes I had to prepare some parts of the dinner. My most memorable experience at Langports is the activities on weekends!! Matt is a very nice guy and to see the other students outside of school is very good!

Thomas Maguer from France