5 Unexpected Ways that Studying English can Change Your Life


1.Improve brain health

There have be numerous studies that show the many cognitive benefits gained from learning another language.  These benefits can include better focus and concentration, memory improvement, longer attention span and increased listening skills.

2.Become a better learner

When you learn a new language, your brain automatically finds a way to learn more efficiently. Do you want to learn multiple languages or simply gain more skills? Mastering a foreign language can help kick your brain into gear to adapt to learning new knowledge and information.


3.Improve Confidence

Overcome your fears and doubts, learn from your mistakes, find out more about yourself, and challenge yourself. Learning English can be incredibly rewarding and can do wonders to your courage and determination. Practicing your English is a great way to get over your insecurities, and find it easier to talk to other people.

4.Become more open-minded and tolerant

A study from the University of Chicago shows that there is a link between speaking a foreign language and the ability to make wiser financial choices. Psychologists from the university found that when people speak in a language other than their native tongue, it helps eliminate our tendency towards loss aversion and getting caught up in the ‘here and now’ to make choices that could profit us further down the road. That’s the reason why people, who speak a second language, have a higher self-confidence and reassess things in the other language, before they take a decision.  Learning a new language helps to simplify small decisions in life as we become more open-minded and adventurous.

5.Make new friends 

Speaking a common language enables you to meet new people who also speak that language, and can result in lifelong friendships that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to make. As well as building relationships with people who speak English, it also gives the opportunity to learn more about other cultures. You can participate in exciting and engaging conversations about topics which you may have never even discussed before.

Jake France – Group Study Tours Director


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