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G’day guys! It’s Matt here, Director of Studies at Langports Brisbane.

At Langports, we have heaps of fantastic English language programs and we often blog about various closed exam courses. However, one of the key courses is often overlooked and that is our UFO (General English) program. Today I want to highlight the importance of Langports’ UFO program, and why it plays a vital role in you achieving your English goals at Langports.

What is UFO?

So what is UFO (Use / Focus / Options)? Well, it’s a unique General English program that matches your learning profile to classes specifically set to your level, and gives you an input on what you want to study in the afternoon.

Use of English

The ‘U’ in UFO stands for USE of English. This is the first class of the day where you study with the same teacher and the same classmates each week. This class covers all areas of English, such grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking and is primarily based on your grammar level.


The ‘F’ stands for Focus. Each day, you study a different skill before lunch (writing, reading, listening & speaking). Rather than study classes at the same level as your USE class, your Focus skills are also streamed, so it is possible to study at different levels.


The ‘O’ stands for Options. This class, after lunch Monday and Thursday, is an opportunity for you, to take charge and decide what you want to study. Your teachers, ADoS and DoS can help you choose this, but I love the fact that it gives you a say in what you want to study. I’m passionate about getting students to take more ownership of their learning as the more you are involved in what classes you study, the more your English will increase and, the better your overall  experience at Langports will be – a win / win situation!



So, you might be a fantastic communicator with excellent listening and speaking skills, but you have difficulties with your writing. No problem!

You could Elementary writing and Intermediate speaking. Or, you could have great reading & writing skills, but struggle with your speaking. Again, no problem! The Elementary speaking class with help build your skills and confidence while you study at a higher level for your stronger skills.


Langports Difference!

Too many language schools put students in the same level for all their classes – this is not good for the development of your English skills and can be very demotivating for many English language learners.

For most students, without studying UFO and improving general skills, it’s very difficult to go on to higher level closed exam classes. It forms the basis of your English language skills and opens the door to different courses (like TOEIC, IELTS, EAP & Cambridge) where you can hone your UFO skills in a specific exam environment.

So, if you want an innovative and award winning G/E program that ticks all the right boxes for you achieving your English goals, look no further than Langports UFO English program. With this course, you will learn English at your own pace.

Until the next time…

Matt Hopkins

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