What is the EAP course?


Hi! I’m Stella Sun, currently teaching EAP course at Sydney campus.

Did you know that Langports offers an EAP course? This blog will answer your questions about EAP.

What is the EAP course?

EAP stands for English for Academic Purposes, and that’s exactly what the course is! It is a 12-week, full-time closed course where you will study Academic English. This is the best way to prepare for higher-level education using English, whether in Australia or in another country. EAP is also an academic pathway course, meaning it can ensure you direct entry to our Higher-Education pathway Partners (including TAFE).

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Why should I study EAP?

The course is not only for students who want to continue their studies using English. EAP can be useful for all Langports students who want to develop their skills. Here’s what our students said:


“I am studying EAP to improve my English and study a Mater’s Degree in Australia.” (Sarry from Lebanon)

“I want to prepare to study a Bachelor’s Degree in English back in Spain.” (Marcos, from Spain)

“EAP will help me in my job as an accountant in Colombia.”(Ana-Milena, from Colombia)


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What will I learn in EAP?

During the 12 weeks of EAP, you will have the chance to study Academic English in depth and improve all your skills. The main highlights (and challenges) are a research essay, a group seminar and an individual presentation. You have time to work individually and with your classmates to fulfill these outcomes. Our students feel that:


“The teacher knows your specific needs and there is more interaction with other students.” (Barbarah, from Brazil)

“When we did the essay and presentation we could study a topic in detail.” (Sarry, from Lebanon)

“We can spend more time on grammar, but also improve our listening and reading skills.” (Marcos ,from Brazil)


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For more information about EAP, speak to your teacher. If you want to find out about our Higher-Education Pathway Partners, you can ask the Director of Studies of your school. Good luck and happy studying!


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