How Langports became my second home


My experience at Langports

I’m Guadalupe Merlo, 20 years old, from Argentina.

Why Langports?

I chose Langports thanks to old student recommendations.

I was a little bit lost, I had a lot of schools to choose from so I decided to look for people on Instagram who had been there.

All of them told me a lot of great stories, but more importantly, they talked to me about the people at Langports – and they were right.


My Homestay

When I got to my Homestay, a big breakfast with a note was waiting for me.

I shared 10 weeks with an amazing person, who now feels like my second mother.




Then I went to school. On my first day my classmates invited me to go for lunch to the beach with them, then I was dancing in Melbas with all of them.

Options Class

I chose the conversation class. We talked about education, work, and food with people from every part of the world. I learnt about cultures that I had never imagined to be so different to mine.

The most important thing

But the most important thing – I made friends that I will keep for the rest of my life.

My trip ended more than 1 year ago, and I keep in touch with all of them.


For me…

Langports is not just an English School. It is my second home and my heart will always be there.



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