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Hello all! My name is Kathy and I am the Centre Exams Manager (CEM) here at Langports English Exam Centre (LEEC). We have completed our Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) & Advanced (CAE) exams for March 2018.  Our lovely team of Exam Staff have done a great job in ensuring that we have had a smooth and successful exam period.


We had a total of 98 Langports students sit either the FCE or CAE exam.  Some of these candidates sat both exams and we even had a couple of candidates resit the exam.

Remember there is no limit to the amount of times you can sit the exam.  If you are interested in completing multiple exams in the same exam period or are looking to resit an exam; please contact either your Director of Studies or myself (email address is below).

A common question we have during Cambridge exams is the difference between Special Arrangements and Special Considerations:

  • Special Arrangement is an arrangement organised before an exam and is for candidates who have a temporary or permanent disability (e.g. dyslexia). These arrangements can include modified exam materials or administrative arrangements (e.g extra time). What we will require is a note from your doctor, specialist etc. outlining the condition.  The document does need to be in English and if translation is required; an accredited service, such as NAATI Translation Services, needs to be used.  Applications for these are due at the same time as your enrolment for the exam.
  • Special Consideration is the process used when something might have happened during the exam to affect a candidates’ performance (e.g. audio issues, loud external noises etc). The event is recorded by Exam Staff and is lodged to Cambridge by the CEM (Centre Exams Manager) after an exam. Cambridge will then decide, based on the event, what amendments/considerations need to take place.

Hope this helps to highlight the differences between the two Cambridge processes.

Our next exam that we will be preparing for is the FCE, CAE & CPE exam due in mid-June 2018.  If you are interested in enrolling for any of these exams, please speak to your teacher or Director of Studies. Alternatively – you can send a request to me via our web page.  I have included these important links below.

For those candidates who have just finished their exams in March, you can expect to have your results available online around the 17th April 2018.  Please use your code from the bottom-left of your COE to access your results.  Certificates should arrive in our office at the end of May in which we will then despatch these to you shortly afterwards.

We hope to see you for our next exam period and if you have any questions I can be contacted at [email protected].

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