The Langports homestay experience


In today’s blog, we would like to share a beautiful story of two of our students who are staying in a Langports homestay: Lima and Vera.

Lima and Vera, a charming couple from Brazil, have started their studies at Langports in August, and chose a homestay for the first 4 weeks of their arrival. Because they have had such an incredible experience with their host family, they decided to extend their stay until the end of their studies.

Last week, 4th September was Lima and Vera’s 25th Wedding Anniversary and the family made this lovely cake for them to celebrate this occasion together. Lima and Vera are wonderful people who always smile and appreciate. We are so glad both the family and the couple appreciate each other and enjoy their companies.

Homestay Experience at Langports

Homestay can be so much more than just staying at someone’s house. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover another culture, communicate with local people and live an incredible experience.

Over the years, we have created an extensive and supporting network of homestay families. Our Accommodation Officers make sure that our families are of a high standards.

We visit and inspect each family so that we can confirm that they enjoy hosting international students and know how to help students adapt to a new environment. We also make sure that they have a safe and comfortable set up for students. Our host families are matched with students that are suited to their lifestyle.

Tips for living in Homestays

To make sure that you have a wonderful experience as well, here are a few tips on how to live with a host family.

  • Communication is the most important thing when staying in homestay. Communication will allow any uncertainties to be openly discussed and your fears to be dealt with. Your family will not mind how many questions you ask or how often you speak to them. Try to remember that they will want your stay to be a happy one. Your family may not realise if something is bothering you unless you talk to them about it.
  • Do not be shy. Australians are very honest open people and would prefer that you tell them if you encounter any issues. Smile and explain politely if there is something you do not understand.  They will be more than happy to assist you to adapt to your new lifestyle.

Homestay is amazing for you to improve your language skills outside of class and to discover and immerse yourself in Australian culture.  It provides a great family environment, and a family away from home who will cares for you. Our students usually create a strong bond with the family and make lifetime friends.


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