Hi, my name is Kally and I’m an English Language Teacher at Langports, in Sydney.

I’ve been at Langports for 6-months and I love teaching students from all over the world.

I often get asked the following question by my students “How can I improve my English?”

Well, there are many ways you can do this, and by coming to Australia you have taken the first step.


My personal top 10 tips to improve your English skills

  1. Meet and talk to as many students from as many countries as possible while at Langports


Langports has students from all over the world including Asia, Europe, and South America.

You have the opportunity to meet new people from ‘all walks of life’ and communicate in a common language – English.


  1. Meet as many locals as possible while you’re in Australia

Join English language chat groups, attend meetup events where you can pursue new or current interests with English speakers.

Start a conversation with your local barista at your favourite café, or bar tender at your local pub.

The opportunities are endless.

  1. Read Australian news articles in English

Reading is an excellent way to improve your English skills.

While in Australia you can read publications such as The Guardian, The Australian, and ABC News.

If you come to Sydney, there are many local publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald or Sydney City News.


  1. Keep a journal

Writing is another powerful way to improve your English skills.

Write something in your journal every day.

Write about your travels, your experience at Langports, your new friends; and how you feel in your new country and city.



  1. Travel around Australia


The more places you travel to, the more you will find yourself communicating in English.

Go on day trips, weekend trips, and longer trips to see Australia.

Visit as many places as you can. Travel with friends or travel solo.



  1. Watch movies in English

Go to the cinema – all movies in Australia are in English! Have a Netflix English Party at home!

Invite your English-speaking friends and watch your favourite movies in English, with or without subtitles.


  1. Listen to lots of English songs

You’re in Australia so you’ll always hear English songs on the radio.

Expose yourself to different genres of music – from Australian country music to Australian pop or rock.

Go and watch a live band at your local pub or hotel.


  1. Read as much as you can in English

While in Australia, use this opportunity to get your hands on anything and everything written in English.

From company brochures and catalogues, restaurant menus and flyers, to online blogs and reviews, magazines, novels, academic books, and graded readers.

Go and borrow some books from the Langports Library.

Start a book club. Read, read, read!


  1. Organise a regular coffee and English study date with a friend

Choose one of your favourite cafes, and book in a time and day to study English with a friend. Make this a weekly date.

Help each other with homework, learn new vocabulary together, and discuss different topics.


  1. Learn some Aussie English

Finally, while you’re living, and studying in Australia why not learn some Aussie slang.

You could ask a local Aussie to teach you some, or you could attend some Aussie English workshops at Langports.

It will make your English journey more rewarding, and fun.


So what are you waiting for?


Try these tips today!

Best of Luck!




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