My experience at Langports Sydney


Hello! My name is Adrian, I’m from Spain and I want to share with you my Langports experience.

I was studying an engineering degree and when I finished it last summer, the truth became clear: I needed English for whatever path I wanted to take in my career, so, I made the decision to come to Australia.

I had different options in my mind like everyone at the beginning of this new adventure. One of them was England, not possible for me because my Spanish blood needs some sun (the same for Canada), and the other two options were the USA or Australia. I discarded the idea of the USA because of the closeness to South America, which would be a good thing for my Spanish but not for my poor English. So the result is that I took a plane straight to Australia. With regards to the city, I decided to come to Sydney because I had a friend who came here last year and I had good feedback from him about the place and the people, and for now I can say that I am not disappointed in any of these two aspects.

Another important point of my experience, and in yours it will be too, is how you are going to survive without becoming completely poor. In my case, between a wide range of options I chose to be a demi-pair, but what is that? It is an option where in exchange for your work babysitting the kids of your host-family (maximum 20 hours a week if you have a student visa), they provide you with a bedroom and meals. My experience throughout this job has been excellent; I have had a very good relationship with my host-families and it has allowed me to save a large amount of money.

If I talk about my experience in Langports, I would say that I chose it because of the positive feedback that I read on the internet, and the good study programs that they have, which fit my needs perfectly. I started in a UFO course (general English) and I was improving my English until I reached the necessary level to join FCE Flexi, which is helping me to fulfil my main goal of passing the FIRST certificate of  Cambridge. As well as the academic experience at Langports I wanted to talk about the “social” experience, which is maybe equally or more important than the academic one.

When you arrive here, the truth is that you are completely lost and everything is unknown for you. At Langports you will feel like you have a second home where your group of friends (your new family) are and where you are going to spend most of your time.This is one of the biggest challenges. Another, is always trying not to speak your own language in any situation. This is something obvious that everybody is going to tell you, but it is completely true. The time overseas passes extremely quickly and you have to take the opportunity of every second where you can speak the language because you are here.

In summary my advice is:

  • Always speak English.
  • Be positive.
  • And have fun (but work a bit too).

This post was written by Adrian a student at our Sydney school. We would like to thank him for sharing his Langports experience with us! 

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