10 Things You Didn’t Know About Langports


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Langports

1.  Our name ‘Langports’ comes from a combination of 2 words: “Lang” – Language and  “Port” – destination or meeting place  –> so Langports means ‘Language Destination’

2. Langports English Language College was started by John France who has been in the education industry since 1982.

3. Langports is an Australian owned Family Business. Our founder John has passed on his passion for international education to his daughter Anna France, who is now the CEO of Langports.

4. Langports has a total of 110 staff across 3 locations in Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney)

5. Our staff come from 24 different nationalities: New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Germany, China, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, France, South Korea, Russia, Iran, Hong Kong.

6. Langports has helped over 35,000 students  from over 75 countries study English.

7. Langports Sydney is 100% not for profit– which means that the profits go to The Langports Foundation to help disadvantaged children to get an education.

By studying at Langports you’re helping The Langports Foundation to make a difference!

8. Many of our teachers have taught at Langports for 5+ years and 10 teachers have been with us 10+ years!

9. Our English only policy is designed to help our students speak English all the time at school. Our students are adults but we know you sometimes need reminding to use English.

It is important to speak English and respect friends from other countries.

  10. We are here to help our students every step of the way! We are a family… the Langports Family! Once you are a student here, you are part of the family and welcome back anytime!! 




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